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Our Ridgeback Gang

Meet The Boys at JR'S Texas Ridgebacks


JR'S Texasridgeback Jack Daniels
AKC: HP38291801

Red Wheaton Black Nose
Date Whelped: 08/15/2010



Jack is our new young dog. We fell in love with him via a photo, his sire Trey was one of the nicest ridgebacks we have seen in Texas. Jack is super laid back, and has his first two litters on the ground this year. We are very happy with his pups. He is already as tall as Bailey, a big boy, a big loving baby.


Meet The Girls at JR'S Texas Ridgebacks


JR'S Texas Ridgeback Merlot
AKC: HP20039006

Red Wheaten, Black Nose
Date Whelped: 02/24/2006



Merlot is Vicki's goat dog. Be it baby goats, her pups, someone elses pups or our grandchildren, she is a super mother. She is also fast as lightening wherever she is needed on the property. We are so pleased to have two of her daughters living on the farm, with her wonderful loving temperment.



JR'S Texas Ridgeback Amber Bock
AKC: HP33924808

Red Wheaten, Black nose
Date Whelped: 04/05/2009



Amber is a mating of ours of our dog Bailey and our bitch Merlot. She takes after her sire as far as size and strength goes, having his wonderful temperament. Her mothering instincts with her first litter is exceptional. She is simply a beautiful animal.



Welcome to JR'S Texas Ridgeback, home to our AKC Rhodesian Ridgebacks and thank you for your interest in our family of Ridgebacks. We are John and Vicki McGaugh, Vicki raises Nubian Dairy Goats and has a soap company, Nubian soaps, John owns Handyman Services and is owned by our 5 Ridgebacks. We strive to produce the best livestock guardian, running partner and family companion. The Ridgeback is a very special dog and we are working at keeping the breed healthy and happy. Temperament is of the utmost importance to us.

Our Ridgeback family started in 1986 with Brandy and Whiskey, Vicki was raised around the breed in San Diego, so having Rhodesian Ridgebacks was a normal part of life with the family and with livestock. Since that time we have had several Ridgebacks that we have bred or purchased from reputable breeders. Please feel free to browse our page, enjoy our photos, gather your questions and contact us. We are always happy to talk to someone about our Ridgebacks.

We take as much care with the health of our dogs as we do our goats. They are fed a combination of raw and dog food, the pups will come to you eating dog food but if you want to talk about feeding raw, make sure and ask. The pups are vaccinated at 3 weeks with a single parvo shot, then at 6 weeks with an 8 way shot. They will need another 8 way shot at 9 weeks and then a vet check and their rabies shots at their new home with you. The pups are wormed and fecal sampled at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. Being raised on a goat dairy we supply the pups with raw goat milk and dog food early in life, giving us very fast growing, lovely weaned pups, and with such large litters, moms who finish whelping in good flesh also.

As you can see from the whelping dates of our pups and our dogs, we breed every other year, or every 3rd year, breeding only after we have several deposits from those wanting our dogs, so they go fast and make such wonderful additions to farms and families, everyone wants a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Please feel free to email or call 281-592-6914 and speak to John about the pups we have for sale, we can send you further photos, and of course give you any and all information you need. We prefer several phone calls and emails over applications, so never feel like you are bothering us, we want you to get to know us and our dogs, as much as we want to know that our pup will be having a happy home with you.

Deposits of $200 holds the pup of your choice, you can pay this via simply click, send money and the address is make sure and email that you have sent your deposit. You may also send a personal check or postal money order made out to John McGaugh. Once the deposit money clears, a contract is sent for you to sign, copy and return. Pups are shipped or picked up at 8 weeks unless previous arrangements have been made. All pups will be paid for in full, with checks cleared before the pup leaves the farm. We prefer to use Delta's Pets First for flying our pups to their new homes. Simply call 1-888-736-3738 and ask for shipping prices from our airport Bush Houston Intercontinental and your choice of airport. We prefer to COD ship the puppy so you keep your shipping monies, there is no extra charge for shipping COD. You are also responsible for an airline approved shipping kennel, which you can purchase from and ship to us, or we can supply you with a shipping kennel and bill you for the costs. Health certificates were $35 last year, and we also charge $25 for gas to and from the airport and vet for the puppies health certificate. We have shipped several litters of pups and many goatlings over the years, please do not be afraid to ship your pup.



Odin a livernose male.
He lives with Misa Barth in New York.


JR'S Texas Ridgebacks - REFERENCE DOGS


JR'S Baileys Irish Creme
AKC: JP13398304

Red Wheaton, Black nose, Black mask
Date Whelped: 12/09/2004



Bailey has not just turned out to be one of the best dogs we have ever had the pleasure of him owning us, but he has given us just beautiful pups. With two of his daughters living here we know he throws his wonderful temperment onto his progeny. He is going strong at 7 years old.



JR'S Texas Ridgeback Martini
AKC: HP33924807

Red Wheaten, Black nose
Date Whelped: 04/05/2009



Tini is a mating of ours of our dog Bailey and our bitch Merlot. Tini is the shy one in the group, she is the most peaceful girl, nothing fazes her, she is tender and loving to us, our grandkids and her pups. She is much more svelte like her dam Merlot.



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